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In 1989 I bought my first sheep. It didn't take me long to find out that I loved sheep I liked living with the Cormos best. Once I started learning about fiber I was sold on the purebred Cormo sheep. I became concerned about maintaining the quality of the characteristics of the breed so in 1993 I purchased ewes from several flocks in the western US to broaden my gene pool. I used artificial insemination for two years with semen from Ian Downey's flock in Tasmania, AU. The results were marvelous. Mainly there was marked improvement in structure and size of the animals and an increase in staple length in the wool.

 The majority of the flock are registered with the American Cormo Sheep Assn. Find out more about Cormo sheep on "the breed" page. I am also developing a colored fine wool flock. The colored sheep are NCWG registerable however no one has requested registered colored sheep for years. Many breeds that have colored sheep have a recessive black gene but I do have a dominant black gene in my flock. With this gene I have been able to get some gorgeous fine wool colored sheep by crossing with the white Cormos. I have been doing this for so many years now that the characteristics of the Cormo breed are what show in the colored Cormo crossbreds.

In 1998 Cormo Sheep & Wool moved from Reuser Ranch in the dryland hills of Sonoma County to irrigated farm land at the north end of the Sacramento valley in northern California. Our goals are to maintain the fine qualities of the Cormo sheep through a well managed breeding program, promotion of the Cormo breed as a producer of fine wool fiber of great distinction, the production of top quality fine wool fiber for hand spinners, and for every customer of sheep or fiber to be completely satisfied. Since moving to the valley we have maintained a closed flock. This decision was made to protect the health of the flock. We added a carefully selected Lamancha doe with her 2 doeling kids soon after moving here to provide extra milk if needed for lambs. Since then we have not added any other ruminants and once a sheep leaves the property it doesn't return.

The ram lambs born here are not routinely wethered . This means that we have a large pool of rams from which to choose the best breeding stock. We also keep many more yearlings and older rams than we need so we have a diversified gene pool and good quality breeding stock to sell. It also means that if you want to buy a wether for a spinning flock you need to contact us in early March.

A good selection of breeding stock is available. I can help arrange shipping. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing animals.

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