How a Pop of Color Can Spice up a Bathroom or Kitchen

Everyone is watching their budget but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a boring kitchen or bathroom. A remodeling project┬ácan be a fast and simple way to change the appearance of these rooms and can be done without spending a ton of money or investing a lot of time. Sometimes all that you need is a little bit of creative touches and just the right color to take the room from boring to amazing.

Of course, if the appliances are worn out or outdated, you should start with updating them. It is cheaper and safer in the long run to replace an old stove or refrigerator and then work around those changes. New cabinets are nice but they are not going to help you save on utility bills if your old fridge is just wasting electricity day in and day out.

If you are daring you can use this purchase to totally change the look and feeling of the room by getting a retro looking appliance with all the modern convenience. Or you could choose your new appliance in a bold and dramatic color. If you are more conventional you might want to stay on the safer side with the major purchases and add color in an easier and less expensive way.

Once all of the major work of the remodeling is done, you will still be left with the finishing touches like painting the walls, adding accessories and decor and things of that nature. This is where you should feel free to express your creativity. After all, some of these touches are easy enough to fix if you decide that they are not quite what you are looking for. Kitchen items like smaller appliances, clocks and other pieces can be found either all at once or as you find them. Remember that some themes might encourage over-collecting so be prepared to restrain yourself should you find something that makes it easy to go overboard. Choose a theme and then work with it but keep it to a minimum remembering that there is still actual living to be done and the cleaning of these items will be part of that.

You can change the look with just a few pops of colors from easily changed items like decorative towels, shower curtains and even baskets of pretty soaps. These can be artfully arranged, can be found for relatively little money and can be changed at a whim. Pretty candles can also be used in the bathroom where they can be both decorative but functional as well.

Regardless of the room you are working with try to be restrained with these “extras”. Resist the urge to buy things that you do not really use or worse, do not really have room for. If you have to move ten things to have room to make a meal or a tray of items to brush your teeth you will quickly become frustrated and your remodeling project should bring joy,not cause more work and negative feelings.

Be wary of the materials of the items that you are choosing as well. All items for the bathroom should be washable or at the very least, easy to clean. Items for the kitchen should also be easy to clean and should be resistant to oil and grease. Things that cannot be cleaned will quickly gather dust and dirt and will make the room look dingy, like you never remodeled in the first place.