Should You Do Your Own Work or Hire a Pro?

For some people, a remodeling project means hiring a contractor without any hesitation. For others, especially those who are more concerned about the final cost, the do-it-yourself route is the only way to go. But, there are some things that you should ask yourself before you make a final choice whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom that you are remodeling and you might be surprised to find that cost is not always the most important thing to consider.

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How much work are you planning to do and what is your honest skill level?

Before you swing a hammer or crank up the saw, you should really think about whether or not you know what you are doing. Do you know if the wall you are about to crash into is a load bearing wall or not? How about the electrical wires that are contained in that wall? Do you know where they are running and how to shut them off? These kinds of things are important not just to the project at hand but to the safety of yourself and your family. If at any time you are doing something that is beyond the scope of your knowledge and skill set, stop immediately and get the assistance of someone who knows what they are doing!

What is the Budget That You are Working With?

Before you call a contractor or go and pick out a bunch of materials you have to sit down and really crunch the numbers. Start with the absolute dream remodeling job and then whittle back to a number that you can comfortably and reasonably afford. That number should include emergency setbacks, issues and problems so always have a column of miscellaneous expenses just in case. Once you reach the final number then you can decide what you can and cannot do.

If you can afford to hire a contractor for the full project that you want to do, then do it and let a pro from Signature Kitchen and Bath handle the task. They will be faster and the work will be done right, the first time. If you cannot afford a contractor to do everything, then hire someone to handle the parts of the job that you cannot. For instance, hire a professional plumber to install the new sink in your bathroom but do the painting and other parts of the job yourself. Or, hire someone to do the wiring and do everything else on your own. Play to your own strengths but know your limits as well.